In Season Now

In Season Now

The best part of cooking and eating seafood is buying fish that's in season. Not only does it mean there is a plentiful supply and a wide variety to chose from, but you’re getting the freshest available and it’s often better for your pocket. You will get to choose from the lesser known species such as gurnards, megrim sole or sand sole- all tasting great and by eating ‘in season’ this helps towards the regeneration of overfished species.

When it comes to fish, you can be sure we will pick the best fish at the best price. Have a look at what's in season this month and pop along to pick yourself out what’s on offer.

At The Little Fish Market this month:

  • fresh wild Bass Alternative? from? method of catching farmed? wild? (will come once spoken to suppliers)
  • Bream gilt
  • Cod
  • Coley
  • Cuttle Fish
  • Dab
  • Dover Sole
  • Haddock
  • Hake
  • Halibut
  • John Dory
  • Lemon Sole
  • Mackerel
  • etc...


‘Scoff it all down while it’s in season’!!

Click here to contact The Little Fish Market or call 01273 203038
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