"Currently sitting as the number one restaurant in Brighton and Hove on TripAdvisor and with an entry in The Good Food Guide 2014, Duncan is riding a huge wave of success and long may he deservedly do so."

- Brighton & Hove Independent, Claire's full review  

"Terrific food cooked with pride and passion. Little is going to be the new big" 

- Euan Macdonald, Euan's full review and to watch the video

"Duncans cooking style  is not about foam, froth and billowing smoke it is about starting with fantastic produce and with a light, highly trained hand turning out plates of perfectly cooked food. Each dish we ate was considered and balanced,  salty juxtaposed with sweet, and soft measured by texture" 

- CanTina Brighton, CanTina's full review

"Beautiful, fresh food, refreshingly served up simply, yet elegantly...With such great cooking, passionate people and wonderful produce, I just know that The Little Fish Market Restaurant is going to be big"

- The Graphic Foodie, The Graphic Foodie's full review

"Dining at The Little Fish Market is a fantastic experience. You can tell the care, knowledge and consideration Duncan has put into designing his menu and the skill with which it’s been executed. I highly recommend everybody to try this new and exciting addition to the city."

- Places I Eat Brighton, Places I Eat Brighton's full review

"What the best hour and a half of eating experience I’ve had" 

- Viva Brighton, Viva Brighton's full review 

"The Little Fish Market in Hove is the perfect new addition to the cities ever growing restaurant scene."

- What Laura Did Next, Laura's full review 

"It was extraordinarily good and I ate slowly, savouring every mouthful...It was light, sweet, refreshing, tart, crunchy, soft… it was divine" 

- Andrew Kay, The Latest, Andrew's full review 

"And what a splendid dinner it was. Six courses spread over three hours with some fantastic wine...we are very fortunate to have such a talented chef come to Brighton and Hove"

- Adam Chandler, Lewes Foodie, Adam's full review

"The menu offers four choices at each stage and focuses on elegantly composed dishes of locally sourced sustainable seafood...Desserts such as biscuit glace with hazelnut passion fruit and cocoa are every bit as impressive as the savoury courses"

- Britain's Finest, Britain's Finest full review

"This tiny 2-person fish restaurant blows any other meal I’ve had out of the water."

- Sunday Cinnamon, Sunday Cinnamon's full review

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